NameFinn (Pen in the pilot)
Voiced byJeremy Shada (Zack Shada in the pilot)

Finn is one of the Main Characters in Adventure Time. He always seeks adventure with his dog, Jake.


[edit] Biography

It is revealed in Memories of Boom Boom Mountain that Finn was abandoned by his original parents as a child. In a flashback it shows a baby Finn going 'boom boom' on a leaf in some kind of forest. Jake's parents, Joshua and Margaret find Finn and Joshua claims that they have found a 'boom boom baby.' They take Finn home and raise him, along with Jake. This is probably the reason for Finn and Jake's friendship.

[edit] Humanity

Very little is known about Finn's parents. In Susan Strong, Finn states that he doesn't know anything about his parents or other relatives. It is unknown whether Finn is the only human who survived in the post-apocalyptic Ooo or if there are other humans somewhere. He is the only human that has ever appeared in the show so far. Finn once believed that Susan Strong and her tribe of humanoid creatures were humans, only to find out that they were part of the Hyoomen Tribe.

[edit] Personality

Finn is an adventurous and fun loving spirit. He refuses to hurt or kill anything that is not pure evil, though if he is faced with something totally malicious, he will violently attempt to kill it. He also cannot do something morally wrong or evil. Finn has a soft spot for Princess Bubblegum, his love interest.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Jake

Jake is Finn's best friend who lives with him in a giant tree fort. They always fight baddies, rescue princesses, and go on adventures together in their free time.

[edit] Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum is Finn's love interest. Finn is seen trying to win her over in several episodes, most prominently in Go With Me.

[edit] Lady Rainicorn

In My Two Favorite People, when Jake tries to introduce Finn and Lady Rainicorn, they get along very well. They hung out with each other so much that it led Jake to believe that Finn was stealing his girlfriend.

[edit] Flame Princess

in "incidium" Jake try's to find Jake a girl and the finds the Flame princess which enrages her when Jake makes her think Finn his trying to hurt her then burning low finn is going out with the Flame Princess after building her a house and making up from previous episodes

[edit] Appearances

Finn has appeared in every episode so far.

[edit] Trivia

  • Fionna (recently named Fiona) is Finn's gender-swap version.
  • Finn used to be called Pen (after the writer of Adventure Time Pendleton) in the

original short.

  • Finn is a playably character in the Cartoon Network game TKO.
  • Finn is an exosuit in FusionFall
  • Finn has aged throughout the show
  • Finn can autotune himself because he swallowed a mini computer.
  • In the episode Slumber Party Panic a zombie version of Finn can be seen trying to get through a window
  • Finn is tolerent to pain (except for titty twisters).
  • Finn has many catch phrases involving math, but in the episode Slumber Party Panic he is frightened by two huge gumball machines asking him math problems
  • Scientific Parasites are brain wave feeding monster in Ooo, three are in Finns pocket in the episode His Hero while giving surgery to LSP
  • Finn's favorite color is a nice baby blue
  • Finn has LONG blonde hair.

[edit] Images

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