Ice King

Ice King
Ice King.png
"Ooh, yogurt chip."
NameIce King
HomelandIce Kingdom
RaceIce Mage
Voiced byTom Kenny (John Kassir in the pilot)

The Ice King is and ice mage who rules over the Ice Kingdom. He is a main antagonist of the series.

[edit] Personality

Ice king is a desperate middle aged man and is generally very pessimistic. He constantly searches for love and happiness, such as in the episodes The Eyes, Prisoners of Love, and Loyalty to the King. Due to the fact that Ice King lacks both, he antagonizes Finn and Jake in nearly every episode he appears in, but sometimes consults them for advice.

[edit] Disguises

[edit] Horse

In The Eyes, Ice King disguises himself as a purple horse with a blank expression that stands on a hill in front of Finn and Jake's house. He spies on them in order to find their secret to happiness, but it only causes them to argue over how to get rid of him. This disguise has been dubbed "Poo Brain Horse" due to Finn and Jake diagnosing it with poo brain.

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