Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum
Princess Bubblegum.jpg
"My science barbeque was a fiasco!"
NamePrincess Bubblegum
HomelandCandy Kingdom
RaceBubblegum humanoid
Voiced byHynden Walch (Paige Moss in the pilot)

Princess Bubblegum is one of the main characters in Adventure Time. She is princess of the Candy Kingdom.


[edit] Personality

Princess Bubblegum has a very caring personality and is kind to everyone. She is very distinguished in the field of science and is intrigued by anything of enlightenment. Princess Bubblegum can be quite wicked when angered, such as when the Duke of Nuts ate all of her Royal Pudding.

[edit] Relationships

[edit] Finn

Finn has a crush on the Princess, but she only considers him as a dear friend that will aid her when in need. It has been debated whether Finn and Princess Bubblegum are a couple, but this was shown to be incorrect in Go With Me.

[edit] Duke of Nuts

Princess Bubblegum has an extreme hatred for the Duke of Nuts after he ate all of her royal pudding and supposedly turned her bald and green.

[edit] Lady Rainicorn

Lady Rainicorn is Princess Bubblegum's best friend and royal steed.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Trivia

  • Through surgery, PB ended up going from age 18 to 13.
  • Because of this, Finn is more interested.
  • Princess Bubblegum's gender swap version is Prince Gumball.
  • For some reason guball is a boy.
  • She has been shown in many different clothes.
  • Natasha Allegri (character creator) likes her tart dress the most.
  • Her hair is not real hair, it's just bubblegum.
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